About Me


My Background & Vision

I am a passionate proponent of awakening in our society the principles of the divine feminine. The dream seeds of my feminism were already growing within my psyche as a child. The work of James Hillman has deeply inspired me.  A Jungian psychologist and philosopher, Hillman talked about how we each have what he calls a diamon. He believed we come into the world with a certain destiny. It has been called the acorn theory. Like the acorn, our future potential and development exists at birth. The underlying direction of my path has been the unfolding of the feminine principles in my study of archetypes, narratives, myth, storytelling, and oral history.  Over the years, I have been called a “workshop junkie” because I have pursued my interests by participating in numerous workshops with thought leaders who inspire me. My formal studies include  Masters degrees in Humanities from Manhattanville College, Oral Traditions from The Graduate Institute, and, most recently, a certificate in Archetypal Pattern Analysis from the Assisi Institute. 

My vision is for the further emergence and inculcation of the feminine principles and the Divine Feminine in society.


My Inspiration

Wise women inspire my life, work, writing, performing and storytelling.  In the 1990’s I attended four years of Dr. Jean Houston’s Mystery School. I have been profoundly influenced by Jean, as well as other mythologists like Joseph Campbell, who were responsible for the human potential movement in psychology beginning in the ‘60s and ‘70s.  I was particularly awakened by Dr. Angeles Arrien was a storyteller, writer, cultural anthropologist and a wise woman. She was known for asking the following four questions. 1.  When did you stop singing? 2.  When did you stop dancing? 3.  When did you stop being enchanted by story? 4.  When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence? Answering these questions, periodically, is an integral part of my personal quest for self-awareness and fulfillment.

I have made nine pilgrimages in the last eight years to Loveland, Colorado for workshops with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Dr. E is a Jungian analyst, writer, storyteller, activist and wise woman, whose best-selling book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, generated profound insights into my life with a new paradigm of understanding the feminist approach to storytelling.

I was introduced to Mama Gina’s School of Womanly Arts in the spring of 2018. She espouses awakening to pleasure in daily life, and she highlights celebrates the female body as a divine creative source: the vulva. Mama Gina promotes the power of sisterhood.

Most recently, I've been influenced by Dr. Sharon Blackie, who is a Jungian  writer, storyteller and spiritual ecologist.

Also, since May of 2017, I have been practicing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s morning guided meditation.


Join My Journey

My quest is to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the principles of the divine feminine. Through my writing, storytelling and performing, I promote feminine consciousness so that it can be recognized, valued and manifested around the world.